...L'orizzonte, con noi, è più vicino...

Amiamo il mondo attraverso la magnificenza dei suoi paesaggi, i colori della sua natura, la cultura, le abitudini e le tradizioni della sua gente.

Scopri la nostra storia e i nostri servizi.

Evento "Spirito del Pianeta"

In collaborazione con lo Spirito del Pianeta, storico evento di intrecci di culture ed emozioni, Ventiatravel propone una serie di proposte per respirare lo spirito dell'iniziativa. I will take it to a small watch shop I know and let you know of the outcome. If he can fix I will require you to reimburse me the costs. If he cannot fix it I will require a full refund or a replacement watch. I do not want a later, we are honest people here and i just want my watch to work correctly. I am very disappointed in your customer service by suggesting that I should pay shipping fees. Card that I can make a charge back against you which at this stage I am reluctant to do and given you every of rectifying this problem. I am really sorry to inform you that the winder on the replacement has failed. I have taken it to a small watch repairer who says the screws on the winder are no good. I am deeply disappointed that this should happen again.

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